About Us

Panaramic was created to educate and entertain the Nigerian youth with two main goals: to tackle the high illiteracy rate in Nigeria and enable Nigerians and the rest of the world engage in our rich history & culture, helping to promote and preserve it. The founders Olatunji Anjorin, Rotimi Anjorin, Rotimi Dawodu and Oriteme Banigo came together in 2007, to make this dream happen. Panaramic Comics has created a series named Okiojo’s Chronicles.

This series tells the story of key individuals and events in Nigerian history through the comic medium. Titles like “1897,” “Odudwua,” “Queen Amina” and “King Jaja of Opobo” are being created with the intention of shining light on our history and culture. It is said that you can only know where you are going if you know where you have come from. Our up and coming generation has to be positively influenced by our history in order to gain a sense of pride. Through this medium, we will ultimately be attempting to counteract today’s insidious addiction to television and providing affordable entertainment for those who lack the privilege of television